Indoor Fountain Polished Pebbles

Add this finishing touch to your indoor water feature. Polished rocks provide a beautiful touch for your waterfall.

Each water feature comes standard with multi-color pebbles. Additional pebble option are available to match your décor and add a distinctive style to your waterfall or fountain. Most fountains use more than one bag to cover the pebble beach shelf.

Number of bags of pebbles needed for each water fountain model:

Aspen Falls 3 bags
Calming Waters 3 bags
Cascade Springs 2 bags
Cottonwood Falls 4 bags
Deep Creek Falls 6 bags
Grandeur River 10 bags
Harmony River 5 bags
Inspiration Falls 2 bags
Majestic River 4 bags
Olympus Falls 5 bags
Pacifica Waters 2 bags
Reflection Creek 2 bags
Regal Falls 8 bags
Serene Waters 1 bag
Sunrise Springs 3 bags
Solitude River 6 bags
Summit Falls 3 bags
Teton Falls 4 bags
Tranquil River 8 bags
Whispering Creek 1 bag